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WARNING!!! This application only runs with a SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 or SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 3Do you have a Samsung Galaxy S4 or Samsung Galaxy NOTE 3?.Do you like Meteorologic Stations?Would you like to always carry one with you?Would you like to make their own predictions?
You're in luck. Enjoy the most complete mobile weather station for Android. MeteoStation provides detailed information on atmospheric pressure, ambient temperature and humidity. The application is designed with an elegant graphical interface that mimics a thoroughly professional weather station.
-Temperature:     - Ambient Temperature (° C or ° F)     - Record of High and low temperature-Humidity:     - Relative humidity in%     - Absolute humidity in g/m3- Atmospheric Pressure:     - Absolute pressure (mbar or mmHg)     - Relative pressure at sea level (mbar or mmHg)     - Graph of evolution of the pressure of the last 24h (Absolute and Relative)-Current Location (GPS not required):     - Location     - Address     - Altitude above sea level (m or ft)Widgets:     - Watch Station (4x2) (Also available in lock screen)     - Mini Station (4x1)     - Thermometer (2x1)     - Barometer (2x1)     - Hygrometer (2x1)